Real Reason Shoppers Are Not Returning

By Shep Hyken / September 11, 2019 /

Malls are closing. Retail stores are fighting to stay afloat. Analysts expect that more than 6,000 stores will close in 2019. More than 40,000 employees are expected to be laid off. The blame is often cast on the new digital retail experience. Yes, the way a consumer shops is radically different than even just a…

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Truth Behind Sears Collapse and How Your Business Can Avoid It

By Tom Koulopoulos / August 25, 2019 /

Common wisdom has it that Sears just couldn’t keep up with Amazon. The truth is much more interesting and holds a critical lesson that you need to know to build your business and brand. Richard Sears was brilliant. He took the personal relationship that each customer had with local general store keepers and scaled it…

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Simple Formula That Explains Why Anyone Would Buy Your Invention

By Yoram Solomon / April 10, 2019 /

The following is taken from a course that I developed and currently teach at the Cox Graduate School of Business at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas, named “Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities” (CISB 6226) The subject of this article is the million (or 10 million, or 100 million, or a billion ) dollar question.…

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10 Universal Selling Truths That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Implement

By Tom Koulopoulos / October 10, 2018 /

You’ve put your heart and soul into your business–but that’s not enough. You need to be able to sell. If that makes you shudder, get over it–fast! In order to succeed you have to be a salesperson. The brutal truth is that nobody else will ever have the sort of passion, authenticity, and just plain…

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5 Mistakes People Make with Sales Plans

By Tom Koulopoulos / January 7, 2018 /

Sales plans should motivate and inspire people to stretch, achieve, and grow but these five classic blunders will do just the opposite. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, sales is the single most important part of how you will grow. Yet, far too many founders and CEOs struggle with putting in place sales plans…

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How to Build a Dynamic Brand

By Lou Killeffer / June 27, 2017 /

While brand positioning isn’t particularly hard to explain, neither is describing how a plane flies. But the physics of rapid air flow over the wings is one thing; actually designing and piloting a plane is something else all together.

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Marketing and Innovation are Inseparable

By Kevin McFarthing / June 27, 2017 /

So, how does your Marketing serve your innovation? Does it define clearly and collaboratively? Does it integrate desirability, feasibility and viability in an optimal manner? Does it communicate with clarity and impact?

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Try 3 Techniques to Improve Your Business Pitch

By Melissa Burns / May 11, 2017 /

Mastering a wide range of techniques to deliver a business pitch is something every entrepreneur must do before they even start. By trial and error, I learned which types of presentations work out under which circumstances, and I’m happy to share some of these tips with you.

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Storytelling, the Brain & Work Culture

By Michael Graber / March 17, 2017 /

I love the quote by the poet Muriel Rukeyser that says “The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” Humans live for stories. We learn from stories at home, school, from friends, and also very compellingly at work. Humans within a work culture are motivated by stories. Look at the famous founding myths of HP and Apple in the garages, of…

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13 Smart Questions for your Management Meetings

By Paul Sloane / March 8, 2017 /

Most management meetings are dull affairs stacked full of short-term problems that need fixing. Discussions focus on routine operational issues and of course these things have to be addressed. However, from time to time you and your team should lift your heads and think about a bigger, brighter future. You should brainstorm strategic and innovative options. The kind of question you ask makes a big difference.

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