The Tailwinds of Human-Centered Design in 2020 and Beyond

By Greg Heist / June 15, 2020 /

by Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer, Gongos, Inc. “No. I don’t think the Empire had Wookies in mind when they designed it, Chewie.” – Han Solo to Chewbacca about the Tydirium Imperial Shuttle they’re flying While we can forgive the Galactic Empire for not factoring the needs of Wookies into Imperial Shuttles (it was after…

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Innovators as Champions for Big Ideas

By Pete Foley / June 15, 2020 /

Yesterday my electric toothbrush finally decided to die on me. It had served me well, may it rest in peace, and was so old that when I originally purchased it, there were probably only four or five options to choose from. It was so old that I actually recall buying it at a physical store, as…

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Organizational Design: Clearing the Runway for Collaboration and Breakthrough Thinking

By Angela Fairbanks angelafairbanks / June 15, 2020 /

Most industries in today’s world run on a balance of sophisticated computer systems and skilled people to use them. Technology has allowed numerous industries to grow at a rapid pace and has streamlined countless business processes. But it still can’t learn, design, and discover the way people can.  When computers and machinery became more practical…

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Riding the Wave of Disruptive Change

By Janet Sernack / June 8, 2020 /

Being born and raised in Sydney, Australia, family trips to Bondi Beach to enjoy the delights of the dazzling sea and blazing sunshine were a regular weekend event. It was where I learned to body surf, that if you seek to ride a wave, you have to work or flow with it to let it…

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Organized Chaos

By Francesco Pagano / May 29, 2020 /

  It’s an oxymoron. It really takes some discipline to disrupt. This is your flow: who, how, what. A one-minute guide to disruption is already disruption per se. This is my formula, in three simple steps. Disrupt the Who. Your first step is to recruit the right people, those who are fit for the challenge.…

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Transformation on Pandemics: What’s Really New?

By Alex Sanghikian / May 26, 2020 /

  There’s plenty to do when it comes to real digital innovation in a rush moment, but some good stuff is on the verge of becoming a trend. A lot has been said lately about the potential changes in the world in consequence of pandemics. Mostly when it comes to digital acceleration on all our…

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Opportunity to Disrupt the IT and ITES Industry

By Mukesh Gupta / May 13, 2020 /

Premise: As the current crisis unfolds, almost all the countries that have been severely affected would see their governments announce multi-billion relief packages. However, most of these would be for the SME or the MSME sector. Some of the large conglomerates and business houses might still struggle in the short term with cash flow issues,…

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Khoj for Innovations in a Post COVID-19 World

By Shilpi Kumar / May 9, 2020 /

At Khoj Lab, we are in the “khoj” for innovation.“Khoj” means discovery, and we are hungry to discover what innovation means in this rapidly changing world. With the sudden rise of COVID-19, there are a lot of people in distress and a lot of people innovating around the world (governments, corporations, startups, and educational institutions).…

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Innovate like a Pilgrim - Innovation Excellence

Innovate like a Pilgrim

By Scott Bowden / November 23, 2017 /

Scott Bowden investigates and shares how the Pilgrims voage to America yields lessons for the modern-day innovation practitioner.

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Revisiting Jill Lepore's Debate with Clayton Christensen - Innovation Excellence

Revisiting Jill Lepore’s Debate with Clayton Christensen

By Michael Graber / October 10, 2017 /

Jill Lepore’s New Yorker article about how Disruptive Innovations have failed and how the theory is bogus completely underestimates the forward-thinking and world-changing power of disruptive innovation in business.

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