Will iPod Touch Drive iPhone Innovation?

By Braden Kelley | September 10, 2007 |

The iPod Touch has the potential to be the most under-appreciated product launch of 2007. Largely viewed as underwhelming in the wake of the June launch of the iPhone, the iPod Touch has the potential to be the Trojan Horse for future iPhone enhancements. This could instead position it as one of the most important…

Learning Innovations from Microsoft

By Braden Kelley | September 6, 2007 |

Want to read up on the latest technologies or innovative business thinking? If you’re committed to continuous learning to maintain your edge in your career, then no doubt you are frequently making trips to Borders or Barnes & Noble, or perhaps online to Amazon to purchase the latest business, technology, or self improvement books. If…

Possible Strategic Innovation in Tobacco?

By Braden Kelley | August 29, 2007 |

Do you truly know how your customers want to consume your product? Cigarettes are of course typically sold by the pack or by the carton. These have been the standards for a long time, and you start to take for granted that these are the only way to purchase them. But, lo and behold I…

New Telecommunications and Gaming Developments

By Braden Kelley | August 24, 2007 |

I came across the following articles on Engadget and thought they serve as a foil to the recent Unnovation Award winner: Telecommunications – Plantronics’ Calisto Pro makes telecommuting fun Gaming – Sony’s PlayTV turns your PS3 into a TV tuner / DVR, plus VoIP on PSP And finally, another article on Engadget hypothesizes that worldwide…

Unnovation Award (Inaugural)

By Braden Kelley | August 24, 2007 |

Usually I like to talk about great things that I’ve seen different places, but occasionally a company does something so nonsensical that it deserves special mention. For this purpose I’ve decided to create my own word in the English language. Here is the word and the definition: Unnovation (n)- The opposite of innovation. To go…

The Incredible Shrinking Laptop

By Braden Kelley | August 20, 2007 |

As technology advances and people’s demands for ever-thinner, ever-lighter laptops increase, more and more the thickness of a laptop is beginning to be determined by what ports it has. What are manufacturer’s to do? Well, the first thing they did was to introduce docking stations and mini-docking stations. Not a very elegant solution for mobile…

A Revolution in Management Consulting?

By Braden Kelley | August 10, 2007 |

Management consulting firms are built on a model that requires the maintenance of a bench of their people to staff on their projects. People sitting on their bench cost them money, so any management consulting firm with a bench is naturally going to staff whatever people they have on their bench to whatever projects they…

Live to Innovate

By Braden Kelley | July 31, 2007 |

If you really want to innovate, then endeavor to make a life, not a living. We achieve greatness when we pursue our passions, and that which will make an impact. Just remember:

Long Live the Mobile Operators (update)

By Braden Kelley | July 20, 2007 |

Yesterday Clearwire and Sprint agreed to partner together to build out a nationwide WiMax network instead of competing. As a consumer this feels very anti-competitive, but hey, call something a partnership and you can get away with anything.

What happened to smart advertising?

By Braden Kelley | July 18, 2007 |

For a television advertisement to be effective, do you need to lay out everything for the viewer and make it obvious? Or, is an advertisement more memorable if you let the viewer connect the dots themselves? Here are two examples of television advertisements that promote the product in a slightly more intellectual/emotional way that promotes engagement and curiousity: