Carbon neutrality: what is it, how to achieve it and why you should care

By Hubert Day | June 22, 2022 |

When sustainability is on the agenda, you’re likely to hear many terms mentioned that you may or may not be familiar with. One that you should be aware of and understand is carbon neutrality, since this is something that could play a central role in helping to protect the long-term future of our planet. In…

Is remote working more eco-friendly than commuting?

By Hubert Day | May 31, 2022 |

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash Working remotely became a part of everyday life for many people all over the world during the last couple of years. Since lockdown restrictions eased, there has been a push to get people back into the office and return to the way things used to be. The journey to…

How eco-friendly is the production of bikes and e-bikes in comparison to cars?

By Hubert Day | April 27, 2022 |

Photo by Himiway Bikes on Unsplash We are all well aware of the benefits cycling can have, both on our physical health and the environment. Particularly for short to medium journeys, bikes are seen as a viable alternative to cars to help clean up the transportation industry’s carbon footprint. In day to day use, petrol…

Three things young people should know about apprenticeships

By Hubert Day | March 10, 2022 |

Photo by Mars on Unsplash Times are changing for young people after they leave school. Once, no one went to university, and then there was a boom where it felt like everyone was going, and it was the only option. Now, with there being a surplus of job candidates with undergraduate degrees, many employers may…

Three top tips for young adults working from home

By Hubert Day | February 10, 2022 |

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash In the past couple of years, working from home has become the new normal. Whereas once you may have commuted to an office and spent time hanging out with colleagues in the kitchen, now you are more likely to spend rush hour heading from your bedroom to your…

Changing Relationship Between Electric Vehicles and Power Grid

By Braden Kelley | October 13, 2021 |

Recently Ford announced an electric truck for the masses, the Ford F-150 Lightning, with up to 300 miles of range starting at just under $40,000. That is about as much detail as I’m going to go into about this new electric truck from Ford, and you won’t find me comparing it to Tesla’s Cybertruck or…

Four Traits Your Next CEO Must Have For Your Organization to Thrive

By Anthony Mills | October 13, 2021 |

CEOs come and CEOs go.  Some – like Steve Jobs at Apple, Jeff Bezos at Amazon, and Richard Branson at Virgin – are excellent.  They generally ‘get it’.  Others – like Steve Balmer at Microsoft, Jeff Immelt at GE, and Dick Fuld at Lehman Brothers – not so much.  They really ‘don’t get it’. So…

Clean Interfaces are important in agile organizations

Building an Agile & Innovative Organization

By Jesse Nieminen | October 13, 2021 |

In recent years, more and more companies have realized the need for innovation as they’ve seen businesses all around them, and perhaps even their own business, being disrupted. According to McKinsey research, 96% of executives have made innovation a strategic priority, yet only 6% are satisfied with their innovation performance. There’s a huge discrepancy between…

The Value Prop Canvas Tool Will Speed Up Innovation Processes in Your Business

By Soren Kaplan | October 13, 2021 |

As a consultant, I’ve had the chance to work with some of the world’s biggest businesses and organizations to help guide innovation initiatives and business strategies. What continues to surprise me is how often leaders lack a clear understanding of what the value proposition is that they are providing to customers before developing new products…