“I think, therefore I am” … said the machine to the stunned humans

By Dimis Michaelides / February 6, 2020 /

She didn’t actually say it like that. She might have asked “to be or not to be?” and insisted that “that is the question”.  In any case, machines are already up to asking profound existential questions. On 11th February 2019 a very unusual event marked the latest man-versus-machine challenge: a debate on whether we should…

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Five Podcasts That Will Help You Stay Relevant, Gain the Advantage and Win: In Other Words Be More Human in an Age of Technology Take-over

By Tamara Ghandour / February 4, 2020 /

I often get asked questions such as, “How do I add value now that this software can do part of my job?” or “is there a role for me now that Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world?” My answer is always this: “You could find yourself on the fast path to irrelevancy or you…

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These 4 Major Shifts Will Drive The 21st Century

By Greg Satell / December 23, 2019 /

In 1900, most people lived much like their ancestors had for millennia. They lived and worked on farms, using animal power and hand tools to augment their own abilities. They inhabited small communities and rarely, if ever, travelled far from home. They engaged in small scale violence and lived short, hard lives. That would all…

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How Big Companies and Startups Use Co-Creation to Innovate

By Soren Kaplan / October 20, 2019 /

The latest research says “co-creation” is an untapped opportunity for innovation. Here’s how to do it. When I ran the internal strategy consulting group at HP, we constantly asked ourselves, “how can we get our $40 billion global behemoth operating more like a startup?”  That’s because like most big companies, we struggled with risk-taking and moving fast. Startups…

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Sky is the Limit: Intrapreneurship at Air France

By Nicolas Bry / June 26, 2019 /

Marine Gall is VP Innovation & Intrapreneurship Programs at Air France, working on innovation, business synergies, transformation, change management, and customer centric items. She kindly accepted to tell us more about the intrapreneurship program which is now starting its season 2, “Boosting the future”, and has just selected 6 laureates for its 2019 season. 1)…

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Prioritize Your Best Ideas With One Powerful Tool

By Soren Kaplan / June 3, 2019 /

Innovation is as much about choosing what not to do as it is about deciding what you’re going to do. I’ll never forget the words of a client of mine, an executive at PepsiCo: “We can do anything, but we can’t do everything,”  he said to me. So true. But most companies forget this fact. They…

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These Are The Biggest Innovation Challenges We Must Solve Over The Next Decade

By Greg Satell / April 8, 2019 /

Every era is defined by the problems it tackles. At the beginning of the 20th century, harnessing the power of internal combustion and electricity shaped society. In the 1960s there was the space race. Since the turn of this century, we’ve learned how to decode the human genome and make machines intelligent. None of these…

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How Virtual Reality Will Drive the Future of Business

By Greg Satell / March 4, 2019 /

In 1961, the first minicomputer, called the PDP-1, arrived at the MIT Electrical Engineering Department. It was a revolutionary machine but, as with all things that are truly new and different, no one really knew what to do with it. Lacking any better ideas, a few of the proto-hackers in residence decided to build a…

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These Nine Powerful Technologies Are Now Ready for Rollout

By Robert B. Tucker / February 26, 2019 /

Every technology goes through a Development Phase before entering its Application Phase. The tech-advancements below are all entering the Application Phase. They are ready to be used as innovation tools — and to be used to solve your company’s and your customers real world challenges. Innovators in large multinational organizations, as well as small and mid-sized…

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4th Industrial Revolution Will Change Companies from the Inside

By Tomislav Buljubasic / November 25, 2018 /

After invention of steam engine, there was years, in some parts of the world even half of the century or more to feel the 1st industrial revolution. Now, 4th industrial revolution is coming much faster and changes that it brings are revolutionary. Very soon we will feel the effect of processing big data, AI, machine…

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