2020 exposed our divisions, ripped off the Band-Aid of good intentions, and revealed a gaping wound. Now we’re coming together—diversity leaders, employee resource groups, fans and bystanders—to begin the healing. This half-day virtual unconference experience focuses on real people and their real problems so that we can bring real solutions. It took 400+ years to get here, and change won’t happen overnight. Change starts with a real uncomfortable conversation. Let the healing begin.

Component 1 – 1
Component 2 – 1

An unconference brings a community together for thoughtful, authentic
conversation where we leverage radical relationships to solve big, hairy,
real-world problems. It’s about engaging with empathy, not being afraid to get
messy, and doing everything we possibly can to take everything up a notch.

We at Disruptor League and MOFI aren’t diversity and inclusion experts—and don’t play them on TV—but we are experts at convening the right people to get sh*t done.

We’re experts in having uncomfortable conversations that lead to meaningful change and we’re experts in being pissed off at the f-ing status quo. If you fit that description too, we hope you’ll join us for this unique experience.


Component 4 – 1@2x

Though this unconference is free to everyone, we’re going to combine our financial resources in addition to combining our hearts, minds, and superpowers. Said bluntly, we’re going to put our money where our mouth is.

For this reason, we’re challenging all participants to make a donation to Project Osmosis by clicking the link below. We recommend a minimum donation of $25 per participant.

Project Osmosis exists to create programs and initiatives that identify, develop, and support young people from minority communities who have demonstrated abilities and skills in the applied arts.