Unexpected Foes – Weak Links in Innovation Roadmaps

By Dimis Michaelides / September 23, 2020 /

Imagine you are implementing a transformation program in your organization. You have it all spelt out with the fashionable jargon of our times. A new vision for a new business model which came from heaps of Out-of-the-Box design thinking. With entirely customer-centric systems using state-of-the-art digital technology (and of course chatbots, actionable analytics, big data,…

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Innovation in China with Fabernovel

By Nicolas Bry / September 23, 2020 /

Katherine Wang is Project Director at Fabernovel in Shangai, China. I thought her presentation at the Fabernovel MultipLX #42 ‘Uncovering the Weibo ecosystem’ was truly eye-catching! So I asked her if she wouldn’t mind answer a few questions about Innovation in China. 1) Hi Katherine, can you tell us about your profile,  professional path, and…

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Leading and managing transitional change

By Janet Sernack / September 23, 2020 /

In our last blog “Leading and managing human transitions through disruption and adversity,” we described the importance of leaders and managers becoming more generous, tolerant, caring, empathic not only with themselves, and also with others they interact with. Describing how many leaders and managers have been emotionally hijacked by the often-dire consequences of their own particular series…

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Blockchain for Dummies

By Francesco Pagano / September 23, 2020 /

    By Aaron de Miranda Colaço Blockchain. It’s so hard to understand it, and it’s so new. Our goal here is to provide a simple description, readable in 2 minutes, about what Blockchain is and what it does. Aaron and I work at qiibee, and we help set-up loyalty on the blockchain solutions for…

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Atelier Louis Zero: Spot, Play, Go,… Zero!

By Nicolas Bry / August 18, 2020 /

Atelier Louis Zero is not a digital agency, it’s a strategic design workshop. To better understand this branding, I have asked Melissa Eisenberg, business engineer at Louis Zero, a few questions. A dual Franco-Thai national, Mélissa joined Louis Zero’s adventure in September: she still has a fresh and sharp look at its identity. After working in…

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How internal innovators win the game

By Nicolas Bry / August 18, 2020 /

Kaihan Krippendorf‘s latest book, Driving Innovation from Within, takes you smoothly in the intrapreneurs’ journey: his book guides internal innovators to innovation success through meaningful innovators’ stories, research, and wise and shrewd guidelines. It’s a long time since I did not read such a piece of work, steeped in intelligence: I couldn’t resist to extend…

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By Francesco Pagano / August 18, 2020 /

100 years from Orwell’s 1984. The world will have solved the dilemmas that are killing us. How do we get there? The century of new tech Step-change technology (AI, Blockchain, IOT, bio-tech) is not just an engine of growth. It is the only bridge to get to the future. Dilemma. 1. Those who ignore New…

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Innovation Culture – The Ultimate Guide

By Jesse Nieminen / June 15, 2020 /

Innovation culture has long been one of the most challenging, and oft-discussed, topics in our conversations with business and innovation leaders. Given the extraordinary importance of innovation for businesses, and society in general, and the fact that culture has been shown to be one of the biggest barriers for innovation performance, it’s not much of a surprise. Because most…

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Questions for the 4th Industrial Age

By Peter Cook / May 26, 2020 /

Klaus Schwab said that we must develop a comprehensive and globally shared view of how technology is affecting our lives and reshaping our economic, social, cultural, and human environments. There has never been a time of greater promise, or greater peril. We can either find ways to harmonise man, woman, and machine, or fight with…

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Inverse the Six Ws for Problem Discovery

By Ludwig Melik / May 26, 2020 /

  Identify the right problem Who doesn’t love to solve a great mystery? After all, the greatest stories in history tap into that very desire to solve problems; the story presents a mystery and has you follow along as its characters search for the Six Ws. This is particularly engaging because solving problems is directly…

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