Leading and managing transitional change

By Janet Sernack / September 23, 2020 /

In our last blog “Leading and managing human transitions through disruption and adversity,” we described the importance of leaders and managers becoming more generous, tolerant, caring, empathic not only with themselves, and also with others they interact with. Describing how many leaders and managers have been emotionally hijacked by the often-dire consequences of their own particular series…

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An apple tree

The Fallacy of the Aha Moment & Overnight Success in Innovation

By Jesse Nieminen / May 4, 2020 /

We’ve all heard the story of Newton and the apple. According to the legend, he came up with the theory of gravity when he was sitting under a tree and an apple fell on his head, at which point it all suddenly dawned on him. We love to hear stories of these great aha moments.…

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An innovation manager

What Is an Innovation Manager – And How Do You Become a Great One?

By Jesse Nieminen / February 16, 2020 /

In the last few months, I’ve had a few readers ask me how they could become an innovation manager, as well as how they could succeed in that role. So, I thought I’d give my take on what an innovation manager actually does, how to become one, and how to be good at the job.…

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Amazon’s Success Boils Down to Six Building Blocks

By Soren Kaplan / February 3, 2020 /

Replicate Amazon’s secret formula for winning big in the digital age Having run strategy and leadership development programs across the Fortune 1000 for over the past 25 years, I’ve seen lots of business models. As I highlighted in a prior article on The Future of Seamless Shopping, nothing currently parallels Amazon when it comes to innovation. Amazon’s management system is designed…

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Mentoring Is the Secret to Innovation Say Silicon Valley’s Top VCs and Entrepreneurs

By Soren Kaplan / January 9, 2020 /

Mentoring transforms big ideas into high-impact innovations. Having worked with dozens of the Fortune 1000 companies, coached startups, and founded three companies, I can say there’s a universal truth when it comes to innovation:  big ideas are just ideas until they deliver real value to the world. That’s why just about every venture capitalist, entrepreneur, corporate innovator and university…

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Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2019

By Innovation Excellence / January 6, 2020 /

Building upon the success of Braden Kelley’s Blogging Innovation, we launched Innovation Excellence on August 1, 2011 and so 2019 was our eighth full year of operations. To celebrate we’ve pulled together the Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2019 from our archive of nearly 7,500 innovation-related articles from more than 400 contributing authors. Click the…

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Innovation Maturity Matrix – A Model to Successful Innovation Transformation

By Jesse Nieminen / December 1, 2019 /

With 80% of executives considering their businesses to be at risk for being disrupted in the near future, they are under tremendous pressure to transform their organizations towards becoming more innovative. However, any organizational change, let alone a major transformation, is always very difficult to implement successfully. In this post, we’ll look into some of the lessons…

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Speed of innovation

What Do Top Corporate Innovators Get Right?

By Jesse Nieminen / November 24, 2019 /

In our line of work, we get to talk with hundreds of leaders around the globe, and from virtually every industry. Most of them seem to intuitively understand the importance of innovation, but there’s still a lot of fluff, ambiguity and uncertainty regarding innovation as a topic. As a result, most leaders aren’t seeing the results they were expecting…

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Innovation is a Lifestyle, Not a Bunch of Metrics

By Adam Malofsky / November 21, 2019 /

Far too many supposed innovation experts believe that measuring activities is critical to success. Maybe. Maybe not so much. At least for the big stuff. Innovation activities simply for the sake of doing something without context and insight from the measure may be in fact very misleading. Persistent growth, profit, ROI and NPV are the obvious measures,…

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Innovation Leadership

By Adam Malofsky / November 1, 2019 /

Innovation starts with people. Things don’t innovate. They’re not people. Companies don’t. They’re not people. AI? Sorry, it’s not actually AI and of course, not person…yet… None of the above lead either. In the end, as in any kind of leadership, it’s about the person, the group of people after that doing those special things…

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