Companies Are Failing To Get Value From Innovation

By Adi Gaskell / February 14, 2019 /

Innovation is something that everyone says they want to do, but it seems increasingly clear that this desire is often rather superficial.  For instance, recently I wrote about a new study from Harvard Business School showing that innovation is rarely a top priority for executives.  Indeed, just 30% placed it in their top 3 issues…

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You Don’t Have an Innovation Problem, You Have a Trust Problem! (Part 3)

By Yoram Solomon / December 28, 2018 /

In the first part of this article mini-series I demonstrated, based on my original research, that for innovation to exist, you must be able to create a culture of innovation, first. A culture of innovation exists when leaders give their employees autonomy, employees show accountability and are willing to try things (even if it means…

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How Universities Support Recombinative Innovation

By Adi Gaskell / November 12, 2018 /

The importance of recombination is something I’ve touched upon numerous times over the years.  Indeed, research suggests that innovations today are much more likely to apply an existing innovation in new ways than to invent something truly unique. The study highlights that 40% of all patents submitted throughout the history of the USPTO are refinements…

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Let’s Get Real About Innovation Hurdles

By Chris Roberts / September 12, 2018 /

This is a brief case study for meaningful & constructive conversations about why things aren’t working within our innovation efforts. — Quick intro I’m passionate about helping people take their best ideas to market, and I’m fully aware that ideas can come from anyone or anywhere. But to get to market is often a complicated…

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Why Private Equity Firms Should Leverage Innovation

By Michael Graber / April 5, 2018 /

Once Private Equity Groups understand how Innovation works and how it can be used to inspire transformative growth, Innovation will be one of the foremost toolkits in a segment that ignores its power.

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Why R&D Spending has Almost No Correlation to Innovation

Why R&D Spending has Almost No Correlation to Innovation

By Yoram Solomon / November 27, 2017 /

A newly released infographic by Visual Capitalist shows that while the US leads in the amount of dollars spent on research and development ($463 billion), it only came in fourth place with the percentage of GDP spent on R&D (2.79 percent), just over half of the GDP percentage invested by South Korea. Beyond Korea, the US is trailing Japan and Germany.

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Five Innovation Lessons from 3M

By Harvey Wade / November 7, 2017 /

3M is an iconic innovative company. Although mostly known for “sticky and scratchy things” (post-its and sandpaper), 3M have over 55,000 products, releasing 25 new products per week and had over 3700 global patents granted in 2016. Over 90,000 employees, 200 manufacturing plants and 86 labs are all focused on progressing 3M’s innovation agenda, but…

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Are All the Best Ideas Used Up?

By Adi Gaskell / September 18, 2017 /

A new study from the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research suggests that truly novel ideas are not only harder and harder to come by, but they tend to be ever more expensive to explore.

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Linking Basic Research and Innovation

By Adi Gaskell / August 21, 2017 /

With a lot of public money going into such pure research having strong ROI metrics attached to it, being able to see the value in work at such an early stage of the innovation process is key.

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Innovation Needs To Shift From Disrupting Markets To Tackling Grand Challenges

By Greg Satell / June 9, 2017 /

When Steve Jobs was trying to lure John Sculley to be Apple’s CEO in the early 1980’s, he asked him, “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?” Sculley would achieve little at Apple, but Jobs would later…

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