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Time to Take a Social Media Vacation

By Michael Graber / January 20, 2020 /

A lot of professionals I know relieve stress with a few minutes on Facebook.com after they finish a phase of a project or need a break from their tasks. Welcome to Facebook.com where you can bliss out on cute kitten photos, catch up with old friend, find a novel product, or play defense from aggressive…

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Ten Questions to Answer Before Using Social Tools for Product Innovation

By John Carter / February 5, 2019 /

Social media is incredibly effective for conveying marketing messages and for receiving rapid customer feedback. The effectiveness of social media for outbound marketing activities, i.e. getting the news out about new products offerings, and interacting with customers, is well known. But social media is also a tool for inbound marketing – for understanding the customer…

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SMB Checklist for Marketing Innovations - Innovation Excellence.com

SMB Checklist for Marketing Innovations

By Melissa Burns / October 11, 2017 /

Here is a collection of digital marketing tactics that can serve as a marketing and PR checklist for the new product launches.

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The Emergence of the Blur

By Filiberto Amati / September 27, 2017 /

Followers of technology, in consumer electronics, might remember that at the beginning of the new millennium, we observed a new trend named technological convergence: product/ categories barriers started intersecting and overlapping, while categories themselves – traditionally based on one functional aspect – stopped making sense from a consumer point of view. This technological trend culminated…

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Multi-Target Look at Social Media and Open Innovation

By Stefan Lindegaard / November 14, 2016 /

Given social media’s incredible reach and the potential for new and even more amazing platforms to quickly evolve, companies must begin to figure out how to leverage this tremendous power. The starting point, I believe, is to understand that a multi-target approach is needed because most open innovation efforts lie in three different circles. There…

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