These 4 Major Shifts Will Drive The 21st Century

By Greg Satell / December 23, 2019 /

In 1900, most people lived much like their ancestors had for millennia. They lived and worked on farms, using animal power and hand tools to augment their own abilities. They inhabited small communities and rarely, if ever, travelled far from home. They engaged in small scale violence and lived short, hard lives. That would all…

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Seven Trends Driving The Future of Innovation

By Robert B. Tucker / October 17, 2019 /

Kraft Heinz’ stock is down 50 percent over the past 12 months, turnover in the executive ranks has increased, and the company’s inability to keep pace with changing consumer tastes is largely to blame. In an earnings call with investors, Kraft      Heinz CEO Miguel Patricio observed that “we’ve been too focused on the…

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#NewYears2019 Innovation Excellence Ranks the Top 10 Innovative COO’s on Social Media

By Innovation Excellence / December 31, 2018 /

Success in the world of work today is, as always, tied to the indelible link between talent, brand and innovation. What has changed and continues to evolve is the opportunity for savvy leaders to optimize their passion and their work on social channels. Innovation Excellence, likes to recognize the Top Ten Innovative – as in…

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4th Industrial Revolution Will Change Companies from the Inside

By Tomislav Buljubasic / November 25, 2018 /

After invention of steam engine, there was years, in some parts of the world even half of the century or more to feel the 1st industrial revolution. Now, 4th industrial revolution is coming much faster and changes that it brings are revolutionary. Very soon we will feel the effect of processing big data, AI, machine…

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A Disruptive World Requires New Leadership Capabilities

By Janet Sernack / August 21, 2018 /

Whether you are a company that wants to attract top talent or an individual who is trying to land your dream job, or create a new business, it’s becoming clear that the future of work is both human and technology centred. For us humans to be effective, productive & innovative, in the Digital Age, we…

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Don’t Be Fooled By These 3 Overhyped Trends

By Greg Satell / August 2, 2018 /

The Gartner Hype Cycle shows a remarkably consistent pattern. A new technology is first ignored, then begins to show promise and expectations get inflated beyond any realistic assessment of value. That leads to disillusionment and the technology is almost forgotten until, some years later, it begins to make a true competitive impact. What makes the…

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Leading Innovation in the Digital Age

By Janet Sernack / June 4, 2018 /

This is the third & final article on embracing digitization, transformation and innovation. We are living in an era where that is defined by one continual exponential technology wave after another, called the Digital Age. It is transforming everything we do, from how we do business and especially in how we learn, lead and coach…

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The Eco Lux Trend – Is Your Brand Missing Out?

By Shelly Greenway / March 31, 2018 /

Like it or lump it, the “eco” market is not going anywhere. 66% of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands (Bain & Company). Despite global economic instability, last year the luxury market grew by 5% to an estimated €1.2 trillion globally (Bain). And Europe regained its place as the…

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Early 20 Century Women and Automobiles

Can America Win The New Century?

By Greg Satell / March 20, 2018 /

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the United States was an industrial and technological backwater. Still mostly an agrarian nation, bright young students would often go to Europe to pursue advanced degrees in the sciences, because American universities were considered second rate. By the end of the century though, the United States had become…

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10 Ways Higher Education Could Be Transformed to Support the Needs of a Changing World

By Rohit Talwar / February 21, 2018 /

Is there a future for higher education? There is probably no other industry or social institution quite as invested in the future than education, yet its struggles with self-reinvention manifest as a ticking time bomb, putting the future of both the institutions and wider society at risk. Almost every commentary on a number of social…

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