Consumer Innovation

The Predictable Recipe Of Branding

By Francesco Pagano / August 18, 2020 /

From an interview/podcast I just made with the great Chiara Covone on Marketing & Branding. Great discussion. Today we are going to talk about brands, brands from today and tomorrow. You worked with many well known brands over the years, in very different industries. What do you think all successful brands have in common? I…

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Seeing The Future

By Francesco Pagano / August 18, 2020 /

Marketing. We will see a decline of traditional media, and a concentration and digitization of advertising. Consumers will be sourcing their info and ‘cool’ online, via very few, integrated and global platforms. Marketing needs to adjust to this behavioral shift. All of this needs to be orchestrated centrally, with a strong set of corporate positions and a…

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Get Your Team Focused on Results With This KPI Template

By Soren Kaplan / August 18, 2020 /

Management guru Peter Drucker once said, “What’s measured improves.” So true. You get what you measure when it comes to business performance. The problem is that most teams don’t have clear key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of their strategies and projects. Sure, they may have goals, but without clear KPIs, they don’t have a way to know quantitatively that they’re…

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Yes, Logo

By Francesco Pagano / May 18, 2020 /

Circular may mean the end of private Labels, which do not have the brain power to embrace step change technology and open, collaborative Marketing stories.

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10 Best CRM For Your Business In 2020

By Melissa Burns / May 13, 2020 /

2019 has passed and I hope it has elevated your business in the way you had imagined in 2018. Now is the time for better goals and new achievements. I believe, in 2020, your top priority should be fixing business processes. If you have faced friction in major areas like sales or marketing, you must…

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Want Great Insight? Then Experience It!

By Adam Malofsky / October 27, 2019 /

Listen, Watch…Then Do I’ll argue that while most do the first two , very few get to the last – the do part. That’s the single most important thing. It’s through the do, through direct experience that one develops and picks up on the most important thing. Context. Only through a never ending, ecosystem wide…

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Next-Gen Restaurant Apps Are Changing the Industry

By Dan Blacharski / December 21, 2018 /

The restaurant industry is undergoing a major shift which corresponds with the retail industry, which is rapidly moving towards the digital world, online sales and digital apps. A recent report highlights how the restaurant industry is embracing digitization – and is increasingly dependent on digital and delivery sales. According to a report from Zacks, analysts…

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Design Makes a Difference: Nike and Doernbecher Collaborate to Help Kids

By Shane Fruchterman / December 14, 2018 /

It all started with my bar mitzvah. Part of becoming a Jewish adult is through acts of service for others, so I was searching for a charity where I could participate in something that was meaningful and donate some of my gift money to help an important cause. I had searched for an event or…

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Thought Commerce

Thought Commerce™ – 3 Ways to Recognize It; Why You Should Care

By Kim Brooks / October 28, 2018 /

“Thought.” Thought is epically powerful and hugely important. Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and before them, Napoleon Hill – all motivational rock stars – consistently drill into their audiences that NOTHING becomes a reality until or after it’s first a thought. Another variation on this idea is, “If you cannot conceive it, you cannot achieve it.”…

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3 Problems With Positioning Statements

By Shelly Greenway / July 29, 2018 /

The concept of positioning statements has been around for decades, however just because you know what positioning is, doesn’t mean you understand how to do it. The classic positioning statement is a fill-in-the blanks exercise where you create a single phrase that encapsulates what your offering is about relative to your competition. It usually looks…

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