Turn On, Tune In, Try Out: Three Ways Music Inspires Ingenuity

By Shawn Nason / October 20, 2020 / Comments Off on Turn On, Tune In, Try Out: Three Ways Music Inspires Ingenuity
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Leading and managing human transitions through adversity

By Janet Sernack / August 18, 2020 /

Connecting with a diverse range of my coaching and consulting clients over the past few weeks, has seriously deepened my understanding of the impact of disruption and adversity, on our stress levels and neurology, and the importance of leading and managing these factors, from both the business and the human perspective. It reaffirms the importance…

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Get Out of the Gender Ghetto

By Federica DArmento fedarmento / June 15, 2020 /

By Federica D’Armento and Aleksandra Orman-Lorenz It’s the year 2277, and women have finally achieved equal pay at work. This is not the apocalyptic ending of a Hollywood movie. This may be the reality in 257 years. This is actually what the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020 says: men and women will…

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Questions for the 4th Industrial Age

By Peter Cook / May 26, 2020 /

Klaus Schwab said that we must develop a comprehensive and globally shared view of how technology is affecting our lives and reshaping our economic, social, cultural, and human environments. There has never been a time of greater promise, or greater peril. We can either find ways to harmonise man, woman, and machine, or fight with…

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Adapting, learning and growing through uncertainty

By Janet Sernack / May 18, 2020 /

Adapting, learning and growing through uncertainty is full of possibilities for reskilling, reinventing in and thriving in the future. Because it offers all of us a professional and personal turning point in using our locus of power to connect, collaborate and co-create a better world.

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I have a question.

By Michael Graber / May 13, 2020 /

I really do. Why have there been so few formal studies on curiosity and its immense power to create value in the for-profit and non-profit sectors? Even on most of the professional assessment, strength finders, and behavioral audits, curiosity is not codified and measured. I don’t understand. Do you? Yet, curiosity remains the secret ingredient…

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Why Writing May Be The Most Important Skill Your Kids Need To Learn For The Future

By Greg Satell / November 26, 2019 /

Many say that coding is the new literacy. Kids are encouraged to learn programming in school and take coding courses online. In that famous scene in The Graduate Dustin Hoffman’s character was encouraged by a family friend to go into plastics. If it were shot today, it would have probably been computer code. This isn’t…

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How Education Can Win the 4th Industrial Revolution

By Arlen Meyers / September 27, 2019 /

If you agree, then thriving in the 4th industrial revolution will require nothing short of restructuring public education at all levels, not just k-12. Even doctors will need to change how they educate their young. How many things can you do with a paperclip? Many not for profits are directing their efforts to provide equitable access to…

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Here’s How We’re Killing Innovation In America

By Greg Satell / September 17, 2019 /

Throughout America’s history, technological innovation has been key to security and prosperity. Whether it was through entrepreneurs like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Thomas Watson, or government programs like the Manhattan Project, the Apollo Program and the Human Genome Project, The United States has been on the cutting edge. Today, as we enter a new…

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Overcoming Challenges Through Continuous Learning

By Janet Sernack / July 14, 2019 /

Last week, I went to a fantastically informative event, hosted by the Churchill Club, Melbourne. It was about “Developing the Tech Talent of the Future”. New technologies and shifting customer expectations are shifting the business game. In the same way, new platforms, products and services, business models and other emerging creative surprises are, disrupting the learning…

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