Cross-Functional Cooperation Breeds Innovation

By Sari van Poelje / June 8, 2019 /

My name is Sari van Poelje, I’m an expert in agile, innovative design and I’m here to talk to you about cooperation in teams. I’ve been traveling around the world helping businesses innovate as quickly as they innovate their products. And sometimes what I come up against is teams that are not willing to cooperate.…

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7 Fields and Professions That Are Beginning to Rely on Virtual Reality

By Andy Heikkila / September 6, 2018 /

Innovations in technology are evolving so rapidly that the sci-fi depictions we dreamed of as children are becoming reality. Cars that drive themselves, mini personal computers with touch screens populate our pockets, and now, virtual reality is becoming increasingly more common — so common, in fact, that professionals of all types are beginning to rely…

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Innovation ‘Soft’ Skills Matter

By Jason Williams / June 3, 2018 /

Virtual Reality. Artificial Intelligence. Block Chain technology. It’s no secret that the world around us is changing… fast! But ask most employers today and they’ll still probably tell you that people are their greatest assets. In our rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever for the workforce to keep up with the job…

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Seeking out new knowledge that flows

By Paul Hobcraft / January 22, 2018 /

I have been heavily influenced by the great work of John Hagel and Deloitte’s “Big Shift Index” as a frame to measure the forces of long-term change. What really holds my attention is “knowledge flows” and they are suggesting we are moving from a world of push to a world of pull. The world is…

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The Value of Curated Platforms for Innovators

By Paul Hobcraft / January 15, 2018 /

Today we need far more curators within our lives, to assist us and help shape our thinking in new and exciting ways – and get on with innovating in better informed ways than the past.

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Personal Learning Pathways

By Paul Hobcraft / January 9, 2018 /

My mind has been swirling around the significant changes taking place around learning. Not just in the time we have available, suggested recently as 25 minutes per week to stop and learn but in the variety of ways we can learn. Clearly, many of these are digital to construct, so as to apply the more…

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Why Agile Learners are Ideal for Innovation - Innovation Excellence

Why Agile Learners are Ideal for Innovation

By Paul Hobcraft / November 8, 2017 /

Agility holds a special interest for me. I named my consulting business Agility Innovation Specialists and constantly am looking to emphasize that agility is really important to managing innovation. Today, I share an article by the Korn Ferry Institute and my top line thoughts as important for advocacy of innovation.

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An Innovation Coaching Methodology - Innovation Excellence

An Innovation Coaching Methodology

By Paul Hobcraft / October 24, 2017 /

It often puzzles me the lack of investment we make in coaching, mentoring, or even facilitating around innovation, it simply is not enough with the use of an external innovation expert accelerating the process, stimulating the thinking and learning.

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Talent Management in the Gig Economy

By Adi Gaskell / September 28, 2017 /

A recent paper reveals that whilst many companies are using open innovation to access new ideas and skills, a lack of talent internally makes succeeding difficult. As such, it’s perhaps no surprise to see the gig economy as perhaps an easier entry point.

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Learning Innovation Through Doing it with a Practical Innovation Project Process

By Darin Eich / July 15, 2017 /

Over the past two years I’ve interviewed over 100 innovation leaders at large organizations about how they are learning and doing innovation for themselves and helping others in their organization to innovate. A major theme was learning and developing innovation skills through working on real innovation projects. Quite simply, you learn innovation through doing it…

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