Il Sole 24 Ore and qiibee launch the first book ever made on Blockchain & NFT

The first book in the world made on blockchain, the first ‘decentralized’ discussion on leadership, completely shared and co-created with all readers.


“Whatever the CEO decides, even the most forward-thinking and visionary one, he or she will see effects that are potentially devastating for their company, community and the whole world. Everyone is afraid. Who has the courage to be the first? ” [Frank Pagano]


The CEO of the future is not, and can no longer be, the infallible man alone in command. The complexity of the contemporary world, all the more so in light of the Covid-19 health emergency, has given a sudden acceleration to a transformation that changes the paradigms of interpretation of today’s reality. Technological evolution, the value of sustainability in the face of the climate emergency, the storytelling of brands that are shared with the public, the change of mindset within organizations are all factors that require a rethinking of the role of any leader. Today’s challenges require a different and fully technological CEO, who is also sustainable, communicative and open.

Today’s challenges call for new commandments for professionals, who are grappling with a large community of stakeholders who judge them every day. And this is where the concept on which the new manual published by Sole 24 Ore “[Primo] Non Comandare”, by Pierangelo Soldavini, Francesco Pagano and Natalia Borri comes into play, on newsstands with Il Quotidiano starting from Saturday 22 May. The book condenses opinions and ideas gathered in the journey of Ceo Confidential, a multimedia project that resulted in a series of 45 video interviews on ( in which the freshest and most distinctive voices of the our time – CEOs, startuppers and personalities from Italy and abroad, who are bringing change in its various components in companies and organizations: sustainability, leadership, digital transformation and new tech.

The result was a precious observatory, which, through the questions of Pierangelo Soldavini and Frank Pagano, gradually collected a wealth of advice and ideas for leaders, transforming them into ten commandments, which do not have the ambition to represent answers and rules to be followed, but ideas and guidelines to face the transformation of the managerial culture of the future, with the awareness that there are no univocal recipes to apply, but that a new management culture must be developed, one that knows how to adapt to individual reality and contingent needs. Technological, sustainable, communicative and open leadership is the secret ingredient that future generations must nurture to the full, to become the leaders our world will need.

This book aims to be innovative in both its content and form. And it is in fact the first book ever made on blockchain.
In fact, inside the pages the reader will find a QR code, which will guide him to the discovery of, the Web App of the book where, protected by the blockchain and by an NFT, or a non-fungible token, you can discover the exclusive contributions 60 more CEOs and an invitation to an exclusive webinar during the Turin Book Fair 2021.

But that’s not all. The book is “tokenized”, that is, transformed into a digital representation that effectively transforms each reader into a node of a transparent and open network of “distributed registers”. Each single node, that is to say each reader, will be able to provide its own contribution on the subject which, once examined by the editorial staff, will be fully included in the work. Il Sole 24 Ore will publish readers’ best stimuli on social media, and the leadership debate will continue in a private, safe and unchanging interaction between newspaper and fans. The reader thus becomes co-author and the book is transformed into a living and constantly evolving object, thanks to the active contribution of the community of readers, always updated on new contents. An endless book!

The contributions of all participants will be collected in a final NFT, a collage co-created by authors and readers, which will go to auction at Christmas, and whose proceeds will be donated to charity.

Where to find the book:

This was realized thanks to the technology of qiibee, a Swiss start-up specialized in loyalty on the blockchain.


About qiibee:
qiibee is a Swiss start-up, specializing in blockchain-based services and products, from loyalty programs 2.0 to NFT-s. More details on

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