Introducing PatrickTV – Innovation 3.0

 Introducing PatrickTV - Innovation 3.0We are delighted to introduce our Global Correspondent, Patrick Meyer, and his premiere episode of PatrickTV, which you’ll be able to catch weekly here on Innovation Excellence. Patrick has had a decades-long career helping big brands innovate and face the future with confidence. Patrick will take us on a journey in these episodes and show us great examples of business, tech, and innovation 3.0, that is, what’s coming NEXT. At Innovation Excellence we’re committed to look for great examples of 3.0 innovation in every discipline — and curating those for you. An expansive observer of the world, Patrick, whose new book about Steve Jobs’ contribution to mobile, Steve Jobs and the World of Mobile, is bound to open eyes and doors — which is Patrick’s specialty. We are thrilled to welcome Patrick to Innovation Excellence!      – Julie Anixter, Executive Editor

More about Patrick Meyer

Patrick has been an innovation leader for two decades for 50 Fortune 500 companies and successful mobile/social starts-up today  — from New Product Development for Gillette and The Coca-Cola Company to the Innovation I-5 Process that he brought to 100 brands and new products for Coca-Cola, Ford, Virgin, Gatorade, Daimler, P&G, Miller Coors and others.

Patrick received The Coca-Cola Presidential Award for Marketing Innovation, and the #1 Brand Effort of The Year” for his company Fusion 5’s delivery of ROI and Driving Innovation using Interactive Package Gaming. His also led Ford to build a 10-year Product & Innovation Pipeline, mapping their future and building solutions for the next decade which ultimately helped Ford pass on the bailout and to turn business around the past four years.

This future-focused, insight and innovation work shapes The CEO Futurist, his keynote speeches on innovation leadership and the world’s leading brands. His technology passion has led him to be a business 3.0 expert working innovatively across Mobile/Social/e-tail and the emerging titan brands (Apple, Google/Android, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and the launch of Top 10 mobile apps, games and new platforms, including the 3.0 technology of Near Field communications and the NC leader Thinaire.

On the academic front, Patrick helped build the Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship Center at Villanova University where he works to empower and deliver graduates to the marketplace. The Meyer I.C.E. Award, given annually to help inspire and fund collegiate innovators, recently recognized Apple CEO Steve Jobs with honors and funding to keep students following in Jobs’ footsteps.  Patrick’s new book Steve Jobs & The World Of Mobile offers insights for the future to universities and the emerging smartphone-driven world.

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 Introducing PatrickTV - Innovation 3.0Patrick Meyer is the Global Correspondent for Innovation Excellence, and an Innovation and Business 3.0 Expert, Author and Keynote Speaker. He is the founder of PatrickTV and The CEO Futurist – Delivering The Future Now. Follow him at @PatrickMeyer and

Patrick Meyer




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