The Next Generation of Innovation Automation


The Future of Innovation Platforms… and what we are doing about it

The world of innovation is undergoing a revolution. The need for effective, far-reaching, and sustained innovation programs has never been greater. At the same time, the availability of new sources of data, new analytic frameworks, and practical tools and methods for innovation are advancing rapidly.

Here at Imaginatik, we live at the center of this tornado. We passionately believe that our strategy of combining the most relevant data sources, the best available analytics, and computer enhanced human insight and collaboration provides the most powerful and effective combination of innovation.

Join us on May 8th for a webinar led by Imaginatik General Manager David Boghossian as we discuss the innovation revolution, the next generation IMTK product and the steps toward that vision that are built into the current release:

  • The innovation challenges: What’s Next, Building Muscle, and Executing at Scale
  • The innovation automation revolution: Exploding Data, Powerful Sense-making, Ubiquitous Engagement
  • The Imaginatik Vision: The next generation product
  • The IMTK Spring 2017 Release: What’s new and how to make it work for you

We have no crystal ball…the best way to deal with the future is to create it. Join us on May 8th and be part of the revolution!

For more information on the Innovation Masters Series, or to view previous webcasts, please visit our website.

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Chris Townsend is Chief Marketing Officer at Imaginatik. He is passionate about ideation, innovation, organizational transformation, and building great teams and companies. Imaginatik is the pioneer of idea management software, and now the global leader in helping companies become deeply, permanently innovative. Follow @imaginatik

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