VEGA: One of a kind coffee that changes Lives

Coffee is the second most valuable commodity worldwide, however 80% of coffee farmers in the world live in poverty. Although coffee producers spend years cultivating, harvesting and processing what is harvested, receive less than $ 1.00 for 1 pound coffee which is then processed in the USA and sells for over $ 20.00 per pound. It’s a bit counterintuitive, no?

To revolutionize the coffee business Noushin and her husband Robert Terenzi initiated a large enterprise who called Vega Coffee . Noushin told us it started in 2006, with a visit to Nicaragua, where her husband was working two years with women cooperatives producing coffee, creating a mark to market coffee directly processed by them.

As coffee lovers, Noushin and Robert could not understand how farmers who had spent generations in growing high quality coffee, organic, fair trade, could barely afford to feed their families. So, together with his team and the farmers of Miraflor, Nicaragua created a coffee company that would allow farmers to learn, take on more activities of the value chain and have more income.

In Vega Coffee , train and support coffee farmers, so that they can process and package their coffee. Then connect directly with consumers through its website , where they offer coffee from different regions of Latin America. As a result, farmers have increased up to 4 times their income than previously perceived and consumers get exclusive quality coffee directly from the people and communities that grow it.

Earlier this year Noushin and Rob ended their college careers in San Francisco and moved to Nicaragua to push the project and make your dream come true. Complementing the business they have the support of your partner Will DeLuca , who builds online marketplace Vega Coffee from the city of New York.

A few weeks ago, they launched a campaign on Kickstarter for 30 days to finance their endeavor and in 6 days reached their initial goal of $20,000 by sending coffee to several consumers in USA. Based on the huge interest and positive feedback they have received, Vega Coffee doubled its target for a simple reason: the more coffee sold, the greater the impact they cause on the lives of producers in Nicaragua.

The additional income that farmers receive for their coffee processing and packaging accounts for more children to attend school, increased access to health services, and general welfare.

In supporting his kickstarter campaign and sharing it with your friends, you can join the team Vega Coffee and help connect farmers to a new future.

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