Questions for Chief Innovation Officers at CINO LONDON 2014 (Oct. 16-17)

Innovation Excellence is looking ahead to the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in London October 16-17

We’ve checked out the great line-up of practicing Chief Innovation Officers and industry players, and asked ourselves, and are asking YOU:

What questions would we like to ask the speakers?

Check out the line-up and if you can attend, let us know!  We love (yes, love) how your participation, observations, and connections guide, inform, and enliven the Innovation Excellence global community!  Thank you to all of you who make your way to London! And, for those not attending, bring it on!  Present your questions and comments below or  #CINOEU

We’ll tee up with these five questions and send them to the speakers before the conference – via email and twitter.

Five Questions for Chief Innovation Officers

Paul Leonard, Head of Innovation, BASF


Presentation: The Innovation Principle, a New and Positive Contribution to EU Policy Making

QUESTION: It’s uncommon to see innovation and tech policy joined together in a job. How do you integrate these two policy functions at BASF ?  What are some of the practical outcomes or examples of a tech policy that supports innovation?

Pete Maulik, Managing Partner, Fahrenheit 212


Presentation: To be confirmed

QUESTION: Fahrenheit is known for its unusual practice of putting a portion of your fees at risk in some of your client work. How does that work and how does that change the relationship and the nature of your engagements?

Sally Loughlin, Senior Director Consumer Innovation, GSK


Presentation: The Open Innovation Journey at GSK

QUESTION: How does open innovation at GSK differ from the approach at P&G?

Tim Brundle, Director Research & Innovation, University of Ulster


Presentation: The UK’s Innovation Performance and Prospects

QUESTION: What are the most important innovation learnings from University of Ulster’s Research for the UK and how will you engage with the country as a whole?

Diane Osgood, Director Business Innovation, Virgin Management Ltd


Presentation: To be confirmed

QUESTION: How has your work advising Fortune 500 companies, and as a Senior Advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative, guided and informed your work at Virgin?

CINO EU agenda and info – here

Questions for Chief Innovation Officers at CINO LONDON 2014 (Oct. 16-17)

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